Jenny is a fantastic Pilates teacher. She's extremely

smart and attentive to every detail. She provides

thoughtful, supportive correction throughout the

class so that my positioning is optimal to get the best effect. Her classes are always well thought out,

rigorous, balanced for a full body work out and fun!

In the 18 months I have taken classes with her, my

core strength has improved significantly and several 

“Several chronic problems have disappeared completely”

chronic problems have disappeared completely. I highly recommend Jenny's classes to anyone interested in learning Pilates and improving your strength and flexibility.

- Laurie T.

“Thank you Jenny for transforming me”

I want to thank you Jenny for transforming me. Before I worked with Jenny I had many cortisone injections in my back. Now I am pain free and I can do so many things I could not have done before.  I would highly recommend Jenny for your Pilates Teacher.

- Lana D.

“From the tips of your toes to the top of your head, Jenny knows your strengths, weaknesses and areas that need improvement”

It has been my pleasure and privilege to receive private Pilates instruction from Jenny for over 2 years.  From the tips of your toes to the top of your head, Jenny knows your strengths, weaknesses and areas that need improvement.  She demonstrates an extraordinary knowledge of functional human anatomy and has a remarkable ability to focus on the you, and your needs, as if nothing 

else exists in the world, during your session. 

Jenny is gentle, kind and quietly encouraging in her approach.  As a result of my Pilates sessions with her, my posture, body awareness, strength, and balance have all improved significantly.  I never really enjoyed exercising until I met Jenny - she keeps me going and motivated.  Now if I can’t make a session, I really miss it!

- Diane H.

“Jenny gets my top, five star recommendation”

Jenny gets my top, five star recommendation.  I have had the good fortune to study Pilates with her for over three years.  With great precision, she describes and hones in on exactly what I'm supposed to do on the mat or equipment, is willing to communicate 

until she's sure I understand things, and continues to evolve my sessions so that I'm learning all the time. ​

- Gary H.

Anyone that wants to learn Pilates would be lucky

to be taught by Jenny Paxson.  I’ve been fortunate

to have her as my Pilates instructor for the past year

and a half.  When I began taking lessons I was a beginner with no experience in Pilates. With her

calm and pleasant manner, Jenny taught me many 

“She consistently made every class enjoyable”

aspects of the Pilates method using a variety of equipment.  Through her expert guidance I learned the correct techniques and was able to advance over time.  I always looked forward to my weekly classes with Jenny.  She consistently made every class enjoyable and appropriately challenging. She provided variety so I was constantly learning new things.  Jenny is a very special teacher that provides a wonderful blend of a serious workout with a safe and fun learning experience.   I highly recommend her.

- Page F.